What is a Doula?

A doula is a person who provides continuous non-medical physical, emotional, informational support to the birthing mother before, during and after labor.

What is my role as your birth doula?

My role is to remain by your family side, to reassure, encourage, comfort, guide, and provide you and your family with well informed decisions. As your birth doula I am here to help you fulfill the birth that you desire and I am capable to go with the flow even if the situation changes. 

Some of the roles are?

  • Attend a in- home prenatal meetings with you and your partner before the birth to go over birth preference plan and comfort measures.

  • Stay in continuous contact by email, text and phone.

  • To attend the birth when mom and partner calls the doula when it time to come.

  • Assist with comfort measures and support mom and partner through labor.

  • Stay until feeding has been established and mom is comfortable unless otherwise noted to leave for family bonding.

  • Follow up 10 days after birth with the parents for postpartum home visit.

A doula is not a medical professional. They do not help birth the baby, or prescribe medicine. A birth doula does not replace the partner. A doula is an addition to your partner not a replacement. 

My hope as your birth doula is that you will be left with a positive empowered birth experience.

My role as your doula is Not to advocate for you. I do not have the ability to save you from your birth. Nor do I feel that you need to be saved.

What is my role as your sibling doula?

As your sibling labor doula my role is to care for the needs of the older siblings during labor and birth so that BOTH parents can be focused on the new arrival. I will watch after your pets as well.

As your sibling doula I will have total focus on your child(ren) and will care for them with your specific instructions and routine.

I do not provide transportation.

Do not hesitate to call me when its time to give birth this is my job! Iā€™m On CALL for you at the sign of contract. I limit how many clients I take to make sure that I am not overbooked.

I am CPR and First Aid certified.

Postpartum Support

I am not trained as a Postpartum Doula (YET). It is one of my business goals this year. And one very soon. But that does not mean I am not capable to serve you during postpartum if you want. This is something that we can discuss further during the consultation.

Childbirth Education Classes

Yes, I will be offering Private, and group evidence based child birth classes. There will be a huge announcement on Alpha & Omega Doula Services LLC facebook page.

Phone Interview

This is the first process into hiring me as your doula. Don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions for me or if there is any thing you would like to discuss. If you like this is the time where we will move forward and you book a consult with me.

What is the Consultation? 

Its a hour meeting between me and the parents to be. This is a great time to go more in depth with questions and have a discussion on the service that I will be providing with you. There is a small fee to book a consultation with me. If you choose to book a consult with me over the phone I will send you a physical copy as well as a digital copy of my welcome packet.