What is a Doula?

A doula is a professionally tr person who provides continuous non-medical physical, emotional, informational support to the expecting individual and family before, during and after labor.

What is my role as your labor doula?

My role is to SUPPORT. This is my number 1 responsibility to you and your family. Support looks different for each individual person and family. I found out how you need to be supported by Listening. When I am aware of the type of support you may need whether it’s physical. emotional. and informational support I will SERVE you to the best of my doula ability

I am a NO PERCENTAGE Doula. The benefits of hiring me as Your doula supersedes the percentages that google has to tell you.

But I am here to reassure you that NOMATTER what type of birth you have whether its vaginal, unplanned or planned C-section I will be there to Support you. Whether you are having the greatest time of your life giving birth ( which is my hopes by the way) or giving birth just plain o’ sucks I will be there to SUPPORT you. There is comfort in knowing that you have a trained professional and compassionate doula by your side to support you through every step of the way.

What is not my role as your labor doula?

I am not a medical professional. I do not birth the baby,diagnose or prescribe medication.

I do not make choices for your behalf even during labor.

I do not attend unassisted home births. Must have a Midwife present in your home for me to support you during labor.

I do not judge or turn you away because you choose to circumcise, vaccinate, utilize a epidural or other medical pain relief methods.

I do not scream at medical staff to tell them how to do their job. I trust that if you are not pleased with your medical care you will respectfully speak up for yourself.

I do not call upon or rely on the ancestors at your birth. (Hence the name “Alpha & Omega Doula Services”).

I do not tell or write your birth story.

What is my experience as a Doula?

My experience is not reliant on my own personal birth experience. Although I may mention something that I have went through it does not determine my experience as a doula. My experience is not reliant on the amount of births I attend. Because each individual and labor is different therefore it has no affects on how I will support you as your labor doula. I am professionally trained and capable to support you. I am trained through ProDoula. If you want to verify to see if I am qualified enough to support you please feel free to contact and call ProDoula office.

Postpartum Support

I am not trained as a Postpartum Doula (YET). It is one of my future business goals. I do provide one postpartum meeting after birth to discuss your birth experience, postpartum recovery and offer any professional referrals as needed.

Childbirth Education Classes

Yes, I will be offering private, and group evidence based child birth classes. There will be a huge announcement on Alpha & Omega Doula Services LLC Facebook page. In the meantime I am a Affiliate partner of The Birth Preparation Course. It is all online, self paced and you have a lifetime access. If you want more information on getting access to that course send me a email.

Phone Interview Consultation

I absolutely love getting to know new people and there is nothing better to hear your desire to hire a doula for support. There is no added fees to call me. If you do and I was unavailable please leave a detailed voicemail. I will return your call as soon as possible

What is the Meet & Greet Consultation? 

Its a hour meeting between me and the expecting individual and supporting partner. This is normally taken place at a public location like a coffee shop, library etc. This is a great time to go more in depth with questions and have a discussion on the service that I will be providing for you. There is a fee to book a consultation with me. Alpha & Omega Doula Services is slowly but surely going green meaning I will no longer be providing paper Welcome packets. Everything will be digital via email.

Prenatal Meetings

I offer 2 prenatal meetings. The first one usually last 1.5-2 hrs long. During this meeting we review your birth plan, your birth preferences, any emotions surrounding your birth, and your supporting partner involvement in the birth. We go over the type of support you are needing from me so that there will be a mutual understanding between us two and I can better support you. The second prenatal is a comfort measure session where we will go over the different stages of labor and strategies to cope.

Face to Face Labor Support

When you are in active labor or are needing my support CALL me. If you send text or email its a possibility I won’t hear my phone. I will be there physically in person using comfort measure techniques to assist you during your labor. I provide 12 hours of face to face support any hour after that 12 well be a extra fee.

On- Call at Sign of Contract

Normally doulas start being on call around 37 weeks. But I as a doula know that labor can be unpredictable. Whether or not there is a pregnancy medical condition that caused ore-term labor I am available to support you through it. I only accept about 2 clients per month.


I do require half a retainer fee at the sign of contract. And the other half due at or before 37 weeks of pregnancy. I do not offer any discounts. Nor do I accept Probono clients. If you are facing any financial hardships at the time I recommend setting up a customizable payment plan. More details of payment is disclosed in the contract.

LGBTQ Accepting

I am a loving Christian. My faith does not call me to be judgmental, rude, because of someone family type. I am not here to bash or condemn or preach the Gospel to you, I am here to support and serve and I am happy to do so. Yes, I accept all family types.

Black or POC Expecting Individual?

As a black doula who is right smack in the middle of the birthing culture I am aware of the news that says that black/POC woman and infants have a great risk of dying from childbirth or childbirth related causes than white individuals. I serve and support with a different and unpopular perspective in mind that there is hope for every black/POC American woman and child. I serve you believing that you will live and not die.

Noulas Professional Mentorship Program

If you are interested in becoming a doula, or you are a new-newish doula who looking for mentoring than be apart of the Noulas Professional Mentorship Program. Please email me for further information on how to register. Also, go check out Noulas Professional Mentorship under the Services tab.

your birth. your body. your experience. your choices. i believe in choices. I believe that everyone should be able to labor and manage labor in the way that best suits them. i believe in providing non-JUDGMENTAL and unbiased support. i believe that you are capable to make your own decisions surrounding the care that fits for your family. I am just here to support you and be the doula by your side.