Sibling Doula Support Investment

Stressing? Worried? There no friends or family that is able to be with your older children during labor and birth. This is often one of the biggest struggles especially in military families with being stationed far away from loved ones

I have a solution: Hire me as Your Sibling Doula.

Sibling doula is a trained labor doula who is committed to your child emotional, physical and informational needs during the birth of their new sibling. As your sibling doula I will make sure your child maintain a normal day, sleep, and meal schedule at home.

Have pets too? I also make sure that all your pets are well taken care of too.

Service Include:

Phone Intake Call

Consultation Meeting (fee to book)

Two hour pre-natal visit. During this time it will give your child to meet me and we can spend time getting to know one another. This is also the time where I will get to know you and your child routine and schedule.

On-Call support during labor and birth for siblings.

There is a on-call non-refundable retainer to add you to my calendar.

I am CPR and First Aid Certified.

 Provide services on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base, Orange County and San Diego County.