Currently I do not provide in person childbirth education classes. I just recently turned in my Childbirth Education Exam to be graded and waiting to be certified. And I will disclose here and on my Facebook of all the details of the future Childbirth Education.

In the meantime…
Enroll in The Birth Preparation Course by Dr.Nicole C. Rankins a board certified ob/gyn. This is an online childbirth education course that not only walks you through labor and childbirth with video training, but it also includes TONS of downloadable tip sheets to give you all the info you need for labor and childbirth. I'm talking tons of information! There's a doula checklist that's editable, how to make your birth plan, what to wear to the hospital, hospital tip sheets, eating and drinking during get the point. I don't want to list them all here because it would take forever!

(Disclaimer: I am a affiliate partner of The Birth Preparation Course meaning a small commission fee does go to me.)

You ABSOLUTELY need to check out this course if you want to save time and energy and not spend weeks and months trying to find answers to your questions! Learn more about The Birth Preparation Course at…/