Bringing the New Year In Strong! #2019

I'm very blessed by God to be able to say that I bought my new year in lounging on my couch with my husband and son. Binge watching a pretty good Netflix series called Designated Survivor. On January 2nd. I return back to work which means I got calls to make, emails to respond to, and new welcome packets to put together.

As I look back a year ago today I am Blessed to be able to say that I am a business owner. I wasn't able to say that year ago today. This year I looking to meet a lot of new families. I am hoping that my business will flourish in every way possible. And every woman I come into contact with with whether its a colleague or client will feel empowered.

For those who have given birth before do you remember when you finally did that last good push and your baby was born? The afterfeeling of “Wow, I feel strong. I feel powerful. I feel like that was the hardest thing I endured but I accomplished it. And it was a sense of pride that no one can possibly take from you. That's how I want to feel when I know I have done my job as your doula. And that's what I hope you feel after you give birth.

Powerful! Strong! Beautiful! Unstoppable! Woman!

I have alot of things to accomplish this year. I will be working on adding childbirth and breastfeeding education courses to my service list. Obtaining every training that ProDoula has to offer: Postpartum, Placenta Encapsulation, and Infant Feeding Specialist.

So I'm excited for this year. Excited to be Your Doula. And so should you.

2019 here I come!

Breastfeeding/Formula Feeding Station

What  is a breastfeeding/ formula station?

It is a area that consist of a super comfy seating area.  For some it may be the bed in bedroom, or the couch in the living or even the rocking chair in the baby nursery. That will have all your baby feeding supplies. and your snacks and water.

It has to be a area that has a outlet where you can charge your phone and plug up your breast pump. It is a must cause we all know about the scrolling through Facebook while the baby is nursing. 

There should be a table of some kind that you can store pump, pump supplies, breastmilk bags, nipple cream, nipple shield, formula, snacks of all kinds and a lot of water. For those who are breastfeeding please make sure your station has a good view to a tv. Because when your breastfeed baby is going through a growth spurt and wants to clusterfeed you will need a spot to sit for hours and still be entertained.  I had my fair share of those days and Netflix became a peace of sanity for me. 

And a lamp that you can turn on when it is dark at night.

Also a nursing pillow. 

Last but not least it must be well stocked with wipes and diapers. Let it be your one stop feed. 

Breastfeeding/ Formula Feeding stations are lifesavers because you don't have to be scrambling all over the house running from room to room figuring out where everything is. So if your pregnant prepare a place in your home that you are most comfortable to nurse and make it your own. Prop your feet up, relax and feed your little one. 

Comment below who have a feeding station and share what is in yours? Maybe you have something that isn't listed above. 


Alpha & Omega Doula :Britt McKnight