Spring Cleaning

I was walking to Wal-Mart to get some odds & ends. And as I walk through the door straight on my left I see a whole display of cleaning supplies.

I internally chuckle at that because it means; Spring Cleaning.

Gosh, I remember being voluntold to spring clean in my moms house as a child. Some how I enjoyed it than regular everyday cleaning because I knew warm sunny days were ahead of me.

I know by now you may be guessing what does spring cleaning & company keeping have to do with doula and birth.

Let me get right to it;

My husband a marine and he is often away at work. So most of the house cleaning is left up to me. And sometimes, I rather have someone there with me to keep me company while I clean. For me its a sense of motivation. I don't ask that they put on their yellow rubber gloves and start scrubbing my kitchen sink til it shine. As a matter of fact I don't require them to do anything. But keep me company. That's supporting me.

I choose someone who I am familiar with. Some one who I don't mind coming into my home seeing exactly how I live. My mess.

Someone who I don't feel inclined to say; “sorry about my house, I just been super busy lately but I'm going to clean it eventually,” while picking up random items off the floor.

Someone who won't judge me that I use traditional cleaning supplies like kitchen cleanser and bleach instead of the natural chemical free crunchy stuff.

Someone who will walk room to room with me and chat my head off about who knows what.

And it dawned on me I am a doula who is my client company keeper. The woman who are my clients are cleaning their home. As your company keeper I don't judge you for the choices you make regarding how you want to birth. If you want a medicated or unmediated birth I'm ok with that. Because that's your birth. It’s what works for you.

I am your motivator. I keep you going forward. Keep you in your rhythm until you get to the finish line. I'm at your side while you birth. Following you. Swaying when you sway.

I don't come into your house telling you that your wrong. That using bleach is not the correct way to clean your house. Nope. Your birth. Your home. Your Choices.

I just support you.

So if you are in need of a company keeper for your birth this Spring don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I am here. Waiting. To be the Doula By Your Side.

Happy Spring Cleaning.

What is ProDoula?

If you were to spend a day with me in person you will know that there is one word that comes out my mouth a lot.


ProDoula is the Leading Edge Certification Organization for Birth Workers. Which pretty much means in simpler terms that ProDoula is the organization I trained with to become a birth doula. Also ProDoula is the only doula organization that provides 17 Continuing Education Hours for Nursing.

I originally was being trained as a doula through another organization that was recommended to be by a dear friend of mines.

One day I was doing a random Google search on my phone when I seen article that said something like meet the multimillionaire doula. Of course that got my attention so I clicked on the article and I read about how this doula who refers to herself as The Rock & Roll Doula named Randy Patterson. It discussed how she was homeless before and how she worked hard to get where she at today. I was homeless before myself so just knowing that there was some One in my shoes before and now she not gave me so much hope.

I decided to join Facebook group - The Business of being a Doula to gain some business tips of course and unknowingly I came to find out that it was Randy group.

She would go live every Monday morning in that group talking about topics like welcome packets and you can hear her passion as she talk. You can tell that she wants to see us doulas succeed. It was so cool to see someone so fired up on a Monday morning pushing and encouraging us doulas to be professional business owners.

Over time I got to read some really hot topic post in that group and read comments from doulas who was ProDoula trained and they also was passionate,driven,confident,and is running successful doula business.

I knew if they could I could. And the only way I could be as cool as them was to be ProDoula Trained.

So on November 28-29 of 2018 I took a 5 hour road trip to Las Vegas Nevada to attend my very first ProDoula Training.

And can you guess who was the instructor?

None other than Randy Patterson herself the CEO of ProDoula.

I can still remember giving her the biggest hug. I couldn't believe that I was actually there.

I also got to finally meet another doula who is more like a sister to me; Aisha Fanning the owner of Vegas Family Doulas. This sweet woman hosted the training in her office space. Thank you Aisha!

Training Day 1

It wasn't the typical death by PowerPoint type of training. We all sat around and introduced ourselves and shared how we came to know about ProDoula and why we chosen to be a doula. Randy set the tone in that room that we can truly be ourselves and be free. We opened our hearts and let out our guts on that table. I learned what it really meant to provide non biased judgement free support to our clients. It wasn't easy talking about certain subjects that we may have felt so strongly about but it was definitely necessary. I loved how Randy pushed us to see Childbirth from a different perspective than our own. I don't think not one person went that day without shedding a tear.

Day 2 of training

It was really cool because it was hands on part. Wear comfortable yoga pants and gym shoes type of day. I was taught how to provide physical support for every type of birth. I learned the importance of touch during labor and how music sets a tone in the birth space. I was trained to not come into the birth room with my own agenda of how a woman is suppose to give birth. I was trained to not come into a woman birth space with a mentality that she needs to be saved or that I have the capability to save her. I was trained that medical providers are people too with hearts. Don't be afraid to build a professional relationship with them.

I was trained to be the best doula in my area. To respect the profession as a doula. To run my business like a business and be professional.

I left that training feeling empowered that I can support women and I am capable.

I left that training feeling more confident than when I first walked in.

I left that training ready to accept clients.

Yes, I was sad that it was my last day and I wouldn't be able to laugh,cry and learn with these woman again. But, I also felt a sense of comfort because I knew that I still had ProDoula. I knew I can call on any of the other amazing ProDoula Doulas for help.

It so great knowing that ProDoula isn't the type of organization that would take my money, train me only to support one type of birth and than that's it.

I can boldly say that I am a trained professional doula who is confident and capable of supporting all families in whatever kind of birth they desire. I can only give credit to ProDoula for that!

I am a ProDoula Doula and I'm Proud.

If you would like to become a doula and want to be trained and certified by ProDoula click on the link below and you can attend a training in your area and if there's none your more than welcome to bring a training to you.


Alpha & Omega Doula

Bringing the New Year In Strong! #2019

I'm very blessed by God to be able to say that I bought my new year in lounging on my couch with my husband and son. Binge watching a pretty good Netflix series called Designated Survivor. On January 2nd. I return back to work which means I got calls to make, emails to respond to, and new welcome packets to put together.

As I look back a year ago today I am Blessed to be able to say that I am a business owner. I wasn't able to say that year ago today. This year I looking to meet a lot of new families. I am hoping that my business will flourish in every way possible. And every woman I come into contact with with whether its a colleague or client will feel empowered.

For those who have given birth before do you remember when you finally did that last good push and your baby was born? The afterfeeling of “Wow, I feel strong. I feel powerful. I feel like that was the hardest thing I endured but I accomplished it. And it was a sense of pride that no one can possibly take from you. That's how I want to feel when I know I have done my job as your doula. And that's what I hope you feel after you give birth.

Powerful! Strong! Beautiful! Unstoppable! Woman!

I have alot of things to accomplish this year. I will be working on adding childbirth and breastfeeding education courses to my service list. Obtaining every training that ProDoula has to offer: Postpartum, Placenta Encapsulation, and Infant Feeding Specialist.

So I'm excited for this year. Excited to be Your Doula. And so should you.

2019 here I come!

Dad Labor/Hospital Bag

 We all know that mom will need a labor/hospital bag.  But what about the father?

Fathers I see you! You are not forgotten! You are valuable and a important part of birth too!

Bring you, clarity of mind, your heart and hands.

Your wife is depending on you for reassurance that everything she is going through she will be ok.

You are the only person in the room that knows her on a intimate level not just sexual but emotionally.

You are her person. Pre Warning: She may get mad at you. Might here: WE NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN! But its normal part of labor. Don't take it personal. She still loves you.

Bring food! You will be hungry and you will need it. So water, sweet drinks and a lot of nourishing snacks.

Pillow and blanket (you need to rest too) plus the hospital get cold at night.

Change of clothes and hygiene products.

Most fathers bring video games (warning ) it may annoy your wife but it's perfectly normal. 😀 my husband brought his. Something that helps you remain calm is great too.

Phone with your charger.

Wallet (cash and ID)

And bring whatever your wife tells you to bring pretty much. Lol

Anxiety & Fear No More

Pregnant? Getting close to labor and time to bring your baby from womb to world? Some of that excitement you once had is starting to fade down with a bit new feeling of fear. The uncertainty of how labor will go, how you will manage pain, all the what ifs are really overwhelming at this moment. Your significant other seem to care but not care in the same way you would like him to. Frustrating right?!

I get it! I hear you! I understand.

My responsibility to you as your doula is to help keep you calm and relaxed.

But before I get all birthy on you please pay attention to this. There nothing wrong with you feeling that way. Your mother instincts are already in play. Your feelings are valid and you have total rights to feel concern over those issues. But when those concerns turn into anxiety and fear that is when it’s not ok. Anxiety and Fear is too much negative energy that isn't good for you or baby. And we don’t want to go into Labor with those emotions. We need to tackle that before your close to being due.

Labor in Faith not Fear.

What are some things you can do to be calm and level headed at your birth?

1. Hire a doula! Preferably me.

I will help you hash out those fears and anxieties. So that means if you need to call me and just vent it out on the phone than that's what we will do. But be assured that I will always refill you with positivity and encouragement. I really believe in affirmations. Words are powerful. We as woman are powerful so we will use Our Voice!

2. Prayer: Prayer works. It don't have to be complicated or sound really “preachy” we can always pray together. Or you can always text me and say “Hey Britt, can you say a prayer for me today I'm just not having the best day.

"For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." Matt 18:20

3. Do something fun! Go watch a movie, binge on your favorite Netflix show. Go take a walk at the beach (I always say the beach is God natural form therapy; and its FREE). Have sex with your SO. (Tell him he won't hurt the baby) Eat all your favorite foods. Indulge! Have a friends get together and throw a little dinner party. Get your feet and nails done. This is the time where you should be nurtered. Every possible thing that make you feel good do it.  Whatever your little heart fancy.

What is really happening when you do something that make you feel good? (birthy part here)

Every time you engage in something that make you feel good..your body is releasing a hormone called: Oxytocin

Some of you may already be familiar with this hormone that is also known as the love hormone.

Oxytocin stimulates the ripening of the cervix leading to successive dilation during labour. So the more you are relaxed and you feel good the progression of labor. Progression of labor means birth of your baby!

Remember I'm your doula! You don't have to battle these emotions alone.

Anxiety and Fear won't consume you. You are powerful! You are a woman!

You always welcome to call or text me this is what you hired me for.

I do support those who are due the month of their due date. And I offer the same support as those who still have months to go. If you would like to meet me please fill out my inquiry form online to get in touch with me.

I do look forward to talking to you.

Mom Labor Bag

What Do I pack for my Labor Bag?

 Personally, I think this was one of the most exciting parts of getting ready for the arrival of my baby.  I remember scrolling through the mom’s groups on Facebook looking for ideas and tip pack in my bag. Like I wanted to make sure I had everything I needed without looking like I was moving in the Hospital. 

Your typical labor bag should be somewhat like a carry- on bag that you bring on the airplane. A gym bag would also be a great one.

Couple change of clothes for mom. I say atleast four different outfits just to be safe. Comfortable clothes though. Like maybe leggings with stretchable waste band and tops that are breastfeeding friendly for the breastfeeding mom. A robe that you will feel comfortable wearing after shower and for nursing in.

Bring Panties and nursing bras. Might not want to bring thongs or the small cute panties but the kind of underwear that will be breathable, cotton, in other words granny panties. You will thank me later.

Pads. With the wings. Overnight heavy flow is the best kind. The hospital or birth center should already have their own mesh underwear and oversized pads. But, when the bleeding get lighter you might want to wear something that don’t make you look like your wearing adult diapers.

Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, tooth paste, tooth brush, body wash, moisturizer, makeup, face towels/ drying towels, comb, brush, hair holders, and deodorant.

Nursing Pillow is great. Makes feeding baby so much more comfortable.

Snacks and water; Hospital food may not be delicious to you and may not be enough especially after a long labor. I cannot stress this enough. You do not want to hungry AND sleep deprived. A quick healthy snack will come in handy when hunger strikes. And the hospital should bring you ice cold water pitcher but be sure to make sure you have the kind of water you like coconut water.

Outfits for the baby and newborn diapers. The hospital will supply newborn diapers while you are there but if you are brand specific or choose to cloth diaper bring your own.

Chapstick, lip gloss. Lips gets so dry during labor that it can be annoying not having anything for it.

 Cell phone, charger and wallet.

Birth Plan