Spring Cleaning

I was walking to Wal-Mart to get some odds & ends. And as I walk through the door straight on my left I see a whole display of cleaning supplies.

I internally chuckle at that because it means; Spring Cleaning.

Gosh, I remember being voluntold to spring clean in my moms house as a child. Some how I enjoyed it than regular everyday cleaning because I knew warm sunny days were ahead of me.

I know by now you may be guessing what does spring cleaning & company keeping have to do with doula and birth.

Let me get right to it;

My husband a marine and he is often away at work. So most of the house cleaning is left up to me. And sometimes, I rather have someone there with me to keep me company while I clean. For me its a sense of motivation. I don't ask that they put on their yellow rubber gloves and start scrubbing my kitchen sink til it shine. As a matter of fact I don't require them to do anything. But keep me company. That's supporting me.

I choose someone who I am familiar with. Some one who I don't mind coming into my home seeing exactly how I live. My mess.

Someone who I don't feel inclined to say; “sorry about my house, I just been super busy lately but I'm going to clean it eventually,” while picking up random items off the floor.

Someone who won't judge me that I use traditional cleaning supplies like kitchen cleanser and bleach instead of the natural chemical free crunchy stuff.

Someone who will walk room to room with me and chat my head off about who knows what.

And it dawned on me I am a doula who is my client company keeper. The woman who are my clients are cleaning their home. As your company keeper I don't judge you for the choices you make regarding how you want to birth. If you want a medicated or unmediated birth I'm ok with that. Because that's your birth. It’s what works for you.

I am your motivator. I keep you going forward. Keep you in your rhythm until you get to the finish line. I'm at your side while you birth. Following you. Swaying when you sway.

I don't come into your house telling you that your wrong. That using bleach is not the correct way to clean your house. Nope. Your birth. Your home. Your Choices.

I just support you.

So if you are in need of a company keeper for your birth this Spring don't hesitate to reach out to me.

I am here. Waiting. To be the Doula By Your Side.

Happy Spring Cleaning.

Dad Labor/Hospital Bag

 We all know that mom will need a labor/hospital bag.  But what about the father?

Fathers I see you! You are not forgotten! You are valuable and a important part of birth too!

Bring you, clarity of mind, your heart and hands.

Your wife is depending on you for reassurance that everything she is going through she will be ok.

You are the only person in the room that knows her on a intimate level not just sexual but emotionally.

You are her person. Pre Warning: She may get mad at you. Might here: WE NEVER HAVING SEX AGAIN! But its normal part of labor. Don't take it personal. She still loves you.

Bring food! You will be hungry and you will need it. So water, sweet drinks and a lot of nourishing snacks.

Pillow and blanket (you need to rest too) plus the hospital get cold at night.

Change of clothes and hygiene products.

Most fathers bring video games (warning ) it may annoy your wife but it's perfectly normal. 😀 my husband brought his. Something that helps you remain calm is great too.

Phone with your charger.

Wallet (cash and ID)

And bring whatever your wife tells you to bring pretty much. Lol