Sex? What is that?

Feeling some type of way that nobody told me that after you have your child sex would be nonexistent. Like, what happened to the just-because you booted sex, the good morning sex or the I stay up all night sex?

I know people said that having children would be a total game changer. But not to this level.

Not to mention the days where you want sex but you don't want to be touch caused you touched out from being touched by kid (s).

Haha, pretty confusing right?

That's called lack of sleep,hormones, possible birth control, and stress from coping with crazy schedules.

This is the time where dating in the marriage becomes extremely important. Where it's for the survival and the betterment of the relationship as a whole.

It's Tuesday now, call up your sitter, a family or friend and schedule that date night, day, afternoon for this upcoming weekend.

And let all your inner inhibitions out until you know it's time to go back home.

And if you feel crazy about the topic of sex after birth just know there's other families in your area probably have went through what you are experiencing or are right now.