Are Doulas really Expensive?

To some people who don’t have a clear understanding what a does does than yes, they are expensive. But if we were to look at everything a doula does with just one client alone than we would see a different perspective.

A average cost of a labor doula local in Southern California is around $800-1500 dollars.

It's a investment but a very valuable investment that will be remembered for years to come.

I always recommend to those who seek a doula but is wary of the cost that there are ways they can get help to cover the cost of a doula.

  1. Set up a customizable payment plan.

  2. Ask for it to be gift at the baby shower.

  3. Pick up extra hours at your current job.

  4. Pick up a part time job like Uber/ Lyft, grub hub etc.

  5. PayPal have a PayPal Credit: utilize that.

  6. Do a garage or yard sell in person and online.

  7. Fundraise the money. Bake some goods and say that all funds will be used to cover the cost of a doula.

  8. Maybe see if they offer a Virtual doula package. May be half the cost of the regular in person doula support. But you will still have access to a doula.

  9. Last and very least; take out a personal loan.

Doula work alot more than people see. Physically being there at the birth is just one part of it. Alot of doulas like myself have business expenses, childcare, gas, etc to cover. And often only make a low profit after we paid for everything. It's important that we get paid for the services that we provide so that we can still take care of the family we leave for hours to go attend a birth.

Being a doula is heart work. But it is still work. A professional well valued serviced.