Labor support for Deployment Births

I know how it sucks for your military partner to be oversees or away at training and the chances of them being their for the birth of their child is slim to none.

I know how it isn't always easy for family who live far away to come and visit.

So it may seem like there is little to no people at all left to be there with you throughout pregnancy and during labor.

But there are people called doulas whose job is to Support expecting individuals and their families during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. Great thing about me is I am a military spouse as well as a certified labor doula. I have a upclose understanding of this lifestyle.

You do not have to feel alone going through this journey.

I provide support at the very sign of the contract. You can message and call me if you have any questions or just want to chit chat.

Knowing you have someone like me, a trained certified birth professional, to support you while your military partner is deployed can also relieve some stress from them. They can rest assured that you are in good care and you have support that you need.

I serve military families located on Camp Pendleton and the surrounding areas.

I also have base access for those who live on base.