Not everyone know how to provide support

When you hire me as your labor doula your hiring me to support you.

Simple at that.

Everyone can give support but not every one knows how to support you the way you want and need.

Example: My husband (Disclaimer; I absolutely love my husband and we have talked about this together numerous times).

He slept during my rest period of my epidural. But I wasn't comfortable. I needed him to woke and just hold space for me. I was a bit lonely/uncomfortable at times during my labor and could have used the support of a doula.

He didn't know how to fully support me during labor in the way that I needed.

And the hospital staff postpartum didn't know how to support me the way I needed when I was sleep deprived and struggling to breastfeed.

Amazing thing is that there are a special kind of people in this world who does; DOULAS.

I am specifically trained to know how to in tune to you. I know how to support you during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum.

And the cool thing about it is this is what I want to do. So your never a burden to me because I specifically said yes to being a doula. I know everything that it calls for when it comes to doing what a doula does.

And I'm ready to serve and support each and every family that says yes to hiring me as their labor doula.

Let me support you the way you need to be supported.


Alpha & Omega Doula

Brittany McKnight