Doing Nothing is Something

That title sounds a bit confusing right?

How can you be doing nothing and yet it still something?

So, I just made a fast 8 min YouTube. (Brittany McKnight) video talking about this concept. So go check it out after reading this blog and please like and subscribe.

Just recently I was in the process of moving to another city in California. You would think that since its just a couple miles away it would be easy peasy. Nope. It was the exact opposite. I had so much packing to do. So much sorting and donating household belongings that it overwhelmed. It overwhelmed me so much that it left me a bit paralyzed. I mean I wanted to do anything but pack.

So I would do a bit, take a break, and do some more. But my breaks wasn't no twenty mins breaks they was hour breaks. And as the clock counted down to move out date I still had so much left to do.

And when I was taking my break (doing nothing) I felt a bit guilty that I wasn't doing something to help get the house packed up quicker.

So I ended up praying and talking to God about this burden that was on me. And what was revealed to me was that “Doing nothing was doing something.” I needed the mental and physical rest to assist my body during this stressful time. My body was telling me to relax…because when I'm relaxed I will become more productive.

Often times at a birth, I and the hospital medical team would do everything we can to help progress lavor. It’s so amazing that when all the medical team takes a step back and promote the laboring woman to rest a couple hours later labor progresses significantly and baby is born.

So whenever someone try to tell you that your doing nothing show them this blog and prove that person wrong!

Warm Regards,

Brittany McKnight -Alpha & Omega Doula

Brittany McKnight