I'm a Christian and I support Women considering a Abortion.

Before you look at this one sentence and judge me for not being a true Christian please please open your mind and your heart and finish reading this.

I knew that when I became a doula that I would come across a situation like this. And if you are that woman right now considering a abortion. I love you. And I in no way judge you.

Abortion is such a hard topic to think about because it's painful. And it definitely took me a even longer time to write this.

I want to share beforehand that I got into this line of work because I love woman. I think we are strong remarkable beings.

But no matter how strong or remarkable womam are finding out your pregnant at a inconvenient time in your life can be scary. Shocking.

Life may be treating you as if it don't like you at the moment. As if there no hope. No future. Your mind is racing with so many questions but not enough answers. There so many people around you but yet you feel alone.

I see you.

And you may believe that the only solution is a abortion. To you abortion is the correct and most possible path to take. And you have the right to feel what you feel. I won't take that away.

But even deep down that scares you. There are even more questions flowing through your mind because you may not know how to go about it, or even who to talk to, or what's the process to get one done.

See that's where I come in at.

I will listen to you. I will hear what you are saying. I will validate your feelings. I will cry with you. I won't tell you to keep your baby or not to keep your baby. That's a decision that you will have to make.

If you ask me what to do I will point you to Christ.  Prayer is powerful. When 2 or more gather in His name there He is amongst them. He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life. My opinion and my feelings don't matter in this situation. What God says about this situation is what really matters.

If you choose to abort I will not turn you away.

If you choose to not abort I will not turn you away.

I am a Christ Follower. I choose to see life, people, and situations through the perspective of God.

If for any reason I believe that I am unable to support you in the way that you need I will gladly send you a referral to someone who will.

And this also goes for medical abortions. I still support you.

Brittany McKnight