Help! I got Pregnancy Acne!!

12 weeks pregnant and you wake up go to the bathroom and look in the mirror and your reflection scared you. For some horrible reason whatever that may be you look like your experiencing puberty all over again.

But wait? Your pregnant.

Where’s that pregnancy glow people always saying you going to experience while being pregnant.?

Why is there so much acne on your face?

And what can be done to get rid of it?

First I just want to assure you that acne is common in pregnancy. It is caused by a increase in hormones. Hormones are the top blame in alot of pregnancy issues. Progesterone is the hormone culprit that causes your gland to increase oil which clogs up your pores and cause bacteria which causes BREAKOUTS.

Good thing is there are things you can do to manage it.

Getting a facial is a good start. You can use a mild facial cleanser twice a day. I mean you are pregnant and this is a way to nurture yourself as a woman. Make sure to moisturize with a oil free moisturizer.

Change your pillow cases and sheets on your bed more often.

Cut down on the sugary and unhealthy fats. If you craving those foods eat them but in moderation

Drink Plenty of water. Carry a cute water bottle with you everywhere you go.

If you believe that your acne is too severe see your Dr.

Just know that acne is temporary. There still alot of time to Glow!

But most of all I want to tell you that your beautiful. And I know you may not necessarily feel like it but you are. So, see the acne and not see it. Get dress and be pretty and pregnant that you are. Act confident and no one will question you.

Brittany McKnight