Hot Fresh Chocolate Donut

Glancing at your clock on your car reads 7:20 am. Your a bit excited because this mean you have enough time to pick up coffee on your way to work. So you pull up and park your car at the local Dunkin Donuts. You start contemplating back in forth in your mind exactly what your going to buy so that you can be in and out. The aroma of black coffee and the warm sugary scent of donuts fill your nostrils and makes your toes curl a bit.

YES! The feeling of complete joy as you know that today is going to be a great day.

You enter the coffee shop walk up to the counter.

“Hi…um I would like a Large Caramel Iced Coffee please.”

“Anything else Ma’m?”

Your eyes quickly glanced across all the different colors and shapes of the donuts behind the barista. They all look so good. How can you possibly choose one. But the clock is ticking as the barista is waiting for you to choose. A bit of anxiety and panic sets in.

The barista politely says, “I know there are a lot to choose from I can help you you telling me what flavors you like? Do you like jelly filled or non jelly filled. Do you want the holes or long johns. Do you like sprinkles with no sprinkles. But whatever you choose they all taste amazing and are freshly baked this morning. “

You start to feel a bit more relaxed and is able to think a bit more clearly. You take one good look at the donut display. Got it! You know exactly what you want.

“Yes, can I also get a cake donut with chocolate frosting. And that will be it for my order for today. Thankyou so much.”

There are so many choices that is to be made in preparation to having a baby. It can be overwhelming. It can give you anxiety. The pressure to make the right possible choice at a given time is a lot to take in.

Wouldn’t it have sucked if the barista rushed you and tried to give you something she wanted just to so she could get to the next customer? You would not have totally been pleased with the experience if you was not able to fully make the decision for your self. There was a lot of options and the barista explained to you the options that you can choose from. She validated you by saying yes, I know there are a lot of options. And she made you feel empowered by reassuring you that whatever YOU choose it is a awesome one.

Now picture me, the labor doula as your barista.

Yes, I validate you. I I communicate with you your options that you have. I let you know that whatever decision you make it is still a good one. I reassure you and bring you a sense of calmness.

That's the kind of doula everyone deserve to have. Oh and good donut isn't that bad either.

Brittany McKnight