Sibling Doula

A sibling doula is a person who is trained as a birth and/ or postpartum and is competent and well qualified to care for the older children while parents are focused on the grand entrance of the new baby.

This kind of doula helps prepare older siblings to get ready to be a BIG older sister or brother.

A sibling doula is very beneficial and help reduce stress and anxiety over having to decide who will care for the needs of the sibling during labor and birth until parents come home.

This time in a child life is huge1 They may or may not have a complete understanding on what the big fuss is about. Some children may be excited because they get to have someone to play with. Others may feel not so happy and think that the newborn will replace them. So how do you prepare your older children for the BIG Day of a life time of having a sibling

You can buy your child a baby doll. Have him or her hold the doll and just get the feel of having a tiny human being in the house. (Even if its a doll0lol

Take your child with you to prenatal’s and have them go with you to the birth tours. You can have them pick out a gift to give to their sibling when they arrive home.

Most importantly listen to them as they chat about being a bigger sibling. Validate their feelings and reassure them that mommy and daddy have enough room in their heart for both of them.

Another way is to help prepare your child is with the lovely help of a Sibling Doula!

I am a sibling doula and I will be more than honored to provide this service for your family. If you like to see if I am the right fit for your family just go to the contact page fill and fill out the form.

Look Forward to hearing from you soon!


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